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Navigating The Cost Project

Join us in making a tangible difference.

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Service Description

Explore the support available aimed at alleviating the challenges posed by the Cost of Living Crisis. From essential support to health and wellness initiatives, we're committed to creating positive change for individuals and families. The year 2020 brought forth numerous challenges, leaving a profound impact that was occasionally overwhelming. At JBS, we were attuned to the particularly distressing effects this had on people from Global Majority communities. These effects were influenced by a range of factors. The UK government itself acknowledged that individuals from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups were at times twice as likely to face challenges due to underlying health conditions and socio-economic factors in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the upcoming months, Journey Before Success CIC remains dedicated to implementing programs and services geared toward equipping and supporting women and children from the Global Majority community. Our focus lies in aiding them to navigate and surmount the ongoing crisis situation within the UK, primarily arising from the Cost of Living Crisis. This reinforces the significance of our joint endeavors to offer assistance and empower our community for the journey that lies ahead.

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