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JBS Walking Wellness Reconnect

Community Connection: Build meaningful connections with individuals facing similar challenges.

  • 4 hr

Service Description

Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive "Wellness Reconnect" program, designed by Journey Before Success (JBS) to significantly reduce the impact Covid-19 has had on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This bookable experience is crafted with your holistic health in mind, addressing the challenges many of us face in today's dynamic environment. Objectives of "Wellness Reconnect" 1.Build a Supportive Network: Develop a strong support network with individuals from similar backgrounds who are navigating the same challenges, fostering connections that go beyond the program. 2. Prioritise Mental and Physical Health: Gain valuable knowledge on the importance of good mental and physical health through engaging workshops and discussions. Learn practical self-care practices that are tailored to your unique needs. 3. Challenge Body Image Stigma: Take part in sessions that aim to remove the stigma and judgment associated with body shape and size. Embrace a positive and accepting mindset towards your own body and celebrate diversity. 4.Overcome the "Fed Up" Mindset: Address the fed-up mindset that often accompanies feelings of being unwell, scared, or unsure how to make necessary changes. Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to make positive transformations. 5. Celebrate Achievements Together: Join a community that celebrates your victories. Share and celebrate your goals achieved during the program with your peers, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. 6.The Case for "Wellness Reconnect": The shift to remote work has taken a toll on our well-being, impacting physical health and exacerbating mental health challenges. "Wellness Reconnect" recognises the unique stressors faced by individuals working from home, including increased sedentary behaviour and the added responsibilities of parenting and teaching. In a two-parent household, the strain on relationships has become more pronounced, contributing to heightened stress levels. For lone parent households, loneliness and heightened anxiety further compound these challenges.

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