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The Journey Together: Welcome to the Our Digtial Launch of Journey Before Success

Empowerment. Connection. Transformation.

Today marks a significant milestone as we proudly introduce Journey Before Success (JBS) to the world in a way that we imagined our online community to be.

In the midst of life's challenges, we believe in the profound impact of community support and the importance of access to a network on the journey of life.

"At JBS, we recognise that life's journey is filled with twists, turns, and unforeseen challenges. Our mission is rooted in the conviction that no one should navigate these paths alone." Jeanna CEO of Journey Before Success

We understand the transformative power of community, the strength found in connection, and the crucial role a supportive network plays in empowering individuals and communities.

Building Resilience through Community Support

Life's journey often presents unexpected challenges, from economic uncertainties to personal struggles. It is during these times that the strength of a community becomes a beacon of hope. JBS is committed to building resilience by fostering a community that stands together in solidarity.

Through our projects, initiatives, and events, we aim to provide more than just support; we offer a sense of belonging. Navigating The Cost, our flagship project, addresses the challenges posed by the Cost of Living Crisis, providing essential support to individuals and families in need. This is just the beginning of the positive impact we strive to make.

The Power of Connection

Connection is a fundamental human need, and at JBS, we believe in the power it holds. Our walking meet-ups, health and wellness initiatives, and community events are designed to create spaces where individuals can connect, share, and grow together. It's within these connections that resilience is built, and success becomes a collective journey.

Access to a Supportive Network: A Fundamental Right

Access to a supportive network is not a luxury; it's a fundamental right. JBS envisions a world where everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the opportunity to access the support they need. Through our advocacy for human rights, social justice, and challenging inequality, we strive to create a society where no one is left behind.

Join Us on the Journey Before Success

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us. Whether you're looking for support, seeking to make a difference, or simply wanting to connect with a community that cares – JBS is here for you. Explore our projects, participate in our events, and be part of a movement that believes in the power of community on the journey before success.

Empowerment, connection, and transformation await.

Welcome to Journey Before Success – where the journey is shared, and success is a collective achievement.

Together, let's navigate the journey before success.

Thank you to Twntyfour for delivering on our vision for our new digital space.

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