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In Loving Memory Of 

06/11/1980 - 30/06/2020

Bio of Carl

By: Kairi Weekes-Sanderson

Let us use this space to pay our respects and say goodbye to my dad, Carl Trevor Sanderson born on the 6th November 1980 to Mother Jenniffer Moore and Father Trevor Sanderson and transitioned on the 30th June 2020. 


There are so many amazing memories that I could share but we would be here all day. If anyone knows me they would know how much I am a daddy’s girl. I have never and will never doubt how much my dad loves me and I know my dad knew how much I loved him.


It was incredibly difficult to write this Bio and to even try to contain my dad in these paragraphs because he is so much more than that. My dad was one of a kind, I know all of us can testify that Carl was many different things for all of us. Carl was a friend, mentor, youth worker, brother, son, uncle, nephew, cousin, husband and father.



But I have the privilege to have experienced Carl the father. Without my dad, I wouldn't understand the importance of shielding my cards in Black Jack and taking your time when playing the game. 

Without my dad, my love for music wouldn't be as diverse. I wouldn't know about Lala Hathaway, Donny Hathway, KING, Children of Zeus, Gregory Pottery to name a few.

Without my dad, my linguistic capability may be very basic.

I would have never understood how pivotable the Atari, Nintendo Game cube and PlayStation is to modern gaming. 

Lastly, my dad has always taught about the importance of Black history and knowing about my culture. When I was younger I never understood how important it was going to a Panafrican school on a Saturday. Dad, I’m so grateful for all the many things you have installed into me that I will pass onto my children and your grandchildren.


Even though my dad had only graced this earth for 39 years he was able to touch so many lives and even after he’s transitioned he will still continue to impact many more with D.O.K. 


If you knew Carl the friend you probably remember the many games he likes to play. Like pig and Black Jack or even the scavenger hunts that he organised, with all the games come many bottles of baby powder. Oh boy, how did my dad love to mush everyone at any opportunity he had.


If you knew Carl the youth worker you would probably remember how he would encourage and push you to do things that nobody else would. As well as the many conversations about life and his words of wisdom. It’s so beautiful to see the legacy that my dad has left behind and to see the impact that he has had on so many lives but the amount of young people’s lives he has touched is out of this world.


Carl and Kairi.JPG

Thank you all for celebrating the 1 year memorial of Mr DOK himself.

Spoken Word by: Carl Teddy Sanderson



Memorial Space Location

A memorial space has been created so that should you wish to go and spend time speaking, reflecting and simply sitting you can.


Carl's ashes have been laid to rest with his nan

Carlotta Oneata Moore Plot No. 152004 / Sq 415

The location is near the railway tracks.


Carl's vision for DOK

Carl's MSG DOKCarl T Sanderson
00:00 / 01:33

 A final message from Mr DOK recorded on 27th June 2020 3 days before he passed away.

Our aim is to continue the work of DOK, will you support us?

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