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JBS walking club

To significantly reduce the impact Covid-19 is having on our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.




  • Develop a support network with people from the same background and facing similar challenges.

  • Develop knowledge on the importance of good mental and physical health.
- Explore, examine, and take part in self-care practices.

  • Remove the stigma and judgment associated with body shape and size

Reduce or remove the fed up mindset of feeling unwell but scared or don't know how to make the necessary changes.
- Celebrate goals achieved with their peers 

The reason why/ case for taking part.....


Working from home has also been a significant factor in increased poor mental and physical health as workers are no longer moving as much as they did prior to lockdown and working longer hours in-front of a computer.
They also identified the added stress of being parents, having to become teachers to support their children, no support with child care, and a strain on the household finances. Even within a two-parent household the stress has increased significantly and is also having a knock-on effect on the parents' romantic relationship.

These stresses are significantly increased within lone parent households with the added factor of loneliness and heightened anxiety. 

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