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"A wise King is a man who demonstrates authority, a man of valour, strength, leadership, vision, majestic, honour, implements holistic health and well-being and is the master of his destiny... but first he has to know who he is." 

Jeanna B Sanderson

Our Aim

To develop a Kingship to support black and mixed-race males of African and Caribbean heritage to understand and implement our DOK formula to ensure they live their lives as the powerful beings that they are.

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Meditate - 6720x4480.jpg
Meditate - 6720x4480.jpg
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For black and mixed-race males to:

- Know where they come from and its direct impact on who they are today.

- Identify and set clear goals to become the man they envision for themselves.

- Positively impact people's lives to leave their blueprint in the world.


On this journey we call life, one things is certain that we all will die. What mark will you leave when you transition?

To connect with the real you?


Being apart of Descendants Of Kings is not gender or age restricted.


Carl T Sanderson

DOK Co - Founder



1.  I will no longer refer to my fellow brother or sister in a derogatory way or name in public.

2.  I will use any particular skill or gifting I have to support the uplift of the community whether that means I am actively heading a project or taking part in something that is associated with D.O.K.


3.  It is my responsibility to learn and re-educate myself in the social and economic growth of the community through the workshops or sessions made available by D.O.K and it's associates.


4.  At no time will I slander my fellow brother or sister publicly via any social media platform or through gossip, without addressing the issue first amongst my D.O.K peers.


5.  I will endeavour to promote the businesses within our community providing the service is first made available at a reasonable cost.


6.  Young people are the future. It is imperative that all that is learnt during the journey of being a D.O.K is imparted to them.


7.  We are a community that will support each other and others when we can. It is my duty to not turn my back on another person that is in need whether they are apart of the D.O.K organisation or not.


8.  At all times I am a representative of the D.O.K organisation. Therefore, I will need to take responsibility on what I share on social media and be aware of the standards we are all trying to set.


9.  Know and live the D.O.K equation: Worth + Identity = Power


Click the link to visit our memorial page dedicated to Carl T Sanderson

Connect with us

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TEXT: 07787 763 669

Let us know how we can best support you?


We want to ensure the support we offer you is what you need and want. We want to have an open honest conversation with YOU not AT YOU.

The Vanguard and Patriach Awards


DOK are going to be honouring men during the month of November to acknowledge the work, support and endeavours men are doing in the community and beyond.

These men already exhibit the ethos of what DOK stands for. Therefore we at DOK want to acknowledge and share their triumphs with you all and say a massive thank you for their efforts.

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