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your support will change lives.

For as little as 32p a day... YES, that's right - 32p a day! Your sponsorship with Journey Before Success CIC will help support children or teenagers (65p a day), in The Gambia, to access nutritious food, clean water, school uniforms, and contribute towards their education for a whole year!





90% of your contribution goes towards giving every sponsored child an opportunity for real progress.

Giving you confidence that you are makeing a difference.


Sponsors will receive updates on the personal development of our sponsored child/teenager, including their educational progress. 


Your sponsorship goes further than the child/teenager. Your sponsorship and additional donations benefit the community where your sponsored child lives in

The Gambia.

MSK is a community of women from all walks of life, sharing a space of vulnerability, restoration, and liberty. It is a place of strength, experience, and peace.


We provide quarterly events that are affordable and where women can share, cry, laugh, and exhale. It is a place where you come out not the same way you came in, with a degree of clarity to move mountains that at one time felt impossible.

"You can trust your sponsorship will get to those in need as we work in partnership with providers in The Gambia to ensure we are at the forefront of change, impact, and progress." 

Jeanna B Sanderson


---------------------------- "Quote From Gunjur Project" 

Communiy Involvement


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Visiting The Gambia

At Journey Before Success, we pride ourselves on learning from other cultures when we can. We believe that this enables us to have a deeper appreciation for our differences and love for our similarities. Journey Before Success provides opportunities for our tribe to visit The Gambia to see firsthand the work we do.  

Ready To Make An Impact?

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Other Way's

To Help

Our Values

Accountability, we work within legal and ethical frameworks

Respect and maintain people’s dignity and privacy

Be open, honest, reliable and fair

Value individual strengths and abilities

Human rights, social justice and challenge inequality

How Can We Help


This JBS 121 session could not have come at a better time in my life. JBS will make chapter 28 great, again! Super excited for this new journey. I can't wait to be mentally & emotionally healthy!

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