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Cost Of Living Crisis Support

Empowering Communities
Through the Cost of Living Crisis

At Journey Before Success, we have identified that our community members in Hackney, East London, are grappling with a range of pressing needs directly stemming from the cost of living crisis. The increased expenses tied to everyday essentials such as housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation have left many struggling to make ends meet.


Families and individuals are facing heightened financial stress, with limited resources available to cover basic necessities. The cost-of-living crisis can exacerbate existing inequalities, making it difficult for our community members to achieve financial stability and overall well-being.


As a result, there is an urgent requirement for targeted support and resources to alleviate these challenges and enhance the resilience of the community members affected.


Our unwavering commitment to addressing these issues is driven by our genuine concern for the well-being and resilience of our community members during these challenging times.

Food Distribution

During the summer break July, August, September 2023, when financial pressures can be especially challenging for single mothers with children under the age of 16, as part of our My Sisters Keeper project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, we are stepping up to provide essential support through our Food Distribution Program. We understand that this time of year can bring added expenses, making it harder to make ends meet. Through our program, we offer a lifeline of nourishment and relief. Providing food parcels filled with necessities like toiletries, pasta, snacks and other non-perishable items. Our aim is to ensure that mothers and their families don't have to worry about putting meals on the table during the summer months. By extending this helping hand, we're committed to making the break a bit smoother and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the season without the burden of financial strain.

Let Us Support You

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    Thank You To Our Funders,
    Partners and Donors

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support and commitment to our mission. Your generous contributions have been instrumental in allowing us to provide vital assistance and resources to those in need within our community. Your belief in our endeavours empowers us to continue making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and groups with a particular focus on supporting women and children.


    Your belief in our vision inspires us to strive for even greater heights. With your continued support, we are able to bring about meaningful change and create a brighter future for those we serve. Thank you for standing by us and being a driving force behind our efforts to make a difference.



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